PLEASE NOTE: Fried Fiction is currently closed for new submissions.

We are looking for well written, open ended stories (or serials) of any genre, with a few exceptions, such as fan fiction (which may infringe upon copyrights) and erotic fiction.

Submissions are currently accepted over e-mail, although an online form is forthcoming. Please submit the following in .rtf or .txt file format to, with the header "Fiction Submission"

This site is for serial fiction only. The episode does not need to tell a complete story, but should leave the reader wanting more.

Only the author's initial submission is required to pass through a selection process. Once approved, the author may add new episodes at their own pace (through the web interface).

The initial selection process for an author is intended to ensure that the writing is of a high quality. Significant grammatical errors will result in rejection. Stories should have a strong focus on characters, and abide by the general rules of style (i.e; show, dont tell; minimize passive verbs -- is, was, etc..). Please do not submit stories that are mostly dialogue. This journal does not edit stories in the traditional manner, and prefers writers who are able to self-edit their work.

Payment rate: We offer 25 dollars for the first episode of a series (<1000 words). There is currently no payment for additional episodes.

Expect a reply within two to six weeks.

Be forewarned that if your complete story appears online, your chances of publishing the work through a traditional (print) publishing house is limited. Many publishers will not consider reprints, with the exception of stories published in well-known magazines. However, the author maintains all rights to their work and may choose to disable, remove or discontinue their stories at their discretion. Also, there is no requirement to complete the story you have started. Authors are permitted to use the synopsis and/or author-bio to market a "full version" of their work, or another book or product.